Don’t Turn Away

Don’t turn from me, it is grievous.  I call to those who have faltered in their steps of believing.    But what is it you turn from?   Have you lost the zeal for repetition, for dangling prayers that have no answer?  If you held the refined truth in your hands, would you know of what it is?

You turn to the philosophies of man that have eliminated the creator.  Who placed the stars in the heavens?  What man lays their name to those events?  The philosophies of man stir the ideologies that steal not only from the creator but also from the hands of others in a quest for a socialized desert.  How can I work in such desolate havens?   How do I touch hearts and minds to be as me, to create, to invent, to love, to heal, when miracles are explained away?  How do you love even those who oppose you or their own bodies and souls when you have put my love, that of an eternal flame, behind you?

Don’t you know that there are many churlish ones who have put up defenses against truth, who lead the unwitting to false enterprises, even creating boxes of religion that profess powers in robes and idle figures?   The entrails of religion made with men’s hands are of disappointment, unsure footing and finally demise as the spirit within has been separated.

Other realms of spirituality are seeded in the quest for self realization, self elevation, self becoming god.  Don’t you know that was the fall of many angels, following he who became the great fallen one, who propounds lies as truth, who blinds with false doctrines that sound of truth but ultimately will also fall.  What will you do when the truths you seek from the world fall?  Will you then turn back to me?  Will you have forfeited the joys of the true spirit?  Will you have fallen to ruinous acts?  Will others wither at the loss of your heart?

Turn back to me the god who loves you even in your sin of nature, for you have been deceived and faltered for your waning faith.  Ask for forgiveness and it is yours, ask for the power of my might in the words of your calling and it is yours.  Don’t you know that I long for my lost ones to return, to be redeemed from the sins of the world, to call to me for I do hear and know your cries of despair.

Get up from your knees of self pity, for I know the truth of your hearts.  Gird up yourselves as my sons, warriors of the true god, pulling on the helmet of salvation, the shield of faith, and above all the sword of truth, and stand with the one who never wavered in his faith, and stood against the liar.  Do this and I will turn back to you, because you called to me again in your lost moments.  Call to me and be restored for your faith, accepting the anointment of your position, sons and daughters of the one true god for eternity.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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