I Call To Your Hearts

I created great treasure from my heart of hearts, in and of the earth, that you would know the breadth of my offerings to you, my ones, my children.  Continually I know who has studied the bees, the beasts, the flourishing seeds and know it is of me.   I see who looks to the skies in awe and gratitude for the colors of the day, the end of day, the stretch of hues from horizon to horizon.  I know who says thank you when my bow curves perfectly, glittering and glorious, and fades gently, knowing it was the brushstroke of my love the sign of my covenant.

I show the abundance of who I am and what the eternal skies hold, for there are so many galaxies that eternity must broaden to hold and never cease.  I hear every breath of wonder that I have created a most marvelous universe and even to the richness of soil in the forests that reminds you of life and decay and new life from the richness of decay.

I call up the giants of the earth, that they grow for generations that you might gaze at the cathedral of my forests and be inspired to offer prayer and praise, and thankfulness fills your hearts.  I stir the seas to mighty waves that rise and curl and crash, the end of life sweeps back to form another wave.  A star rises and falls crashing in the heavens, silent yet blasting with end of life that sparks another to kindle, to burn, the vibration that stirs another to life.

I call to your hearts, timid, strong, fearful, fearless.  Do you hear me in its beat, in the blood that carries my breath of life?  My eyes know all hearts and the intents whether of greed which cannot regenerate or of love which sows seed of fruit and new life.   And for those who commit all to me, I will give you great strength, that your words be seeds of life, new life.  That the lost find life and life eternal.  That life be majestic whether you till the verdant soils or pan for lost souls.  All who commit their hearts to me will find peace, and eternal life, and greater strength and power for I will give all you ask and need.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.  2chron16:9a nlt


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