I Empower With Knowledge

Today is an important word of events.   Stores of discipline are granted to those who understand and whom I empower with knowledge and the secrets of my universe.  The worst of times the glorious times, all are etched into the histories of my book of words.  Words formed the foundation of all.  What are your words?  Watch and see, for those who need to profess to speak truth are tossing lying words.  Those who speak from the foundation of truth need not tell you it is truth.

Lies upon lies have weakened the office of those who lead a mighty nation.  The office has been defiled by weeds and chaff, choking the words upon which any great nation has risen and held onto prosperity and peace.  Are your armies prepared?   Some nations are striking, they practice their warfare, these despots of strident power.  Others withdraw in false thinking that preparedness is no longer a necessity that they might spend the nations gold on the search to satisfy the endlessly famished beast.

Cease from the mechanisms of greed glorifying the beast rather than the creator.  Demand only truth be spoken and refuse to support the ones of gilded tongues whose words fall on eager ears.  Hold fast to your right to bear your shields and swords else only the wicked will hold weapons that will quickly be held against you.   To be a nation of strength that is blessed by me, your creator and father of many warrior angels who await to assist in the battles and wars that are to be in the years of your children and children’s children,  you must stand up for truth, calling for a great change of direction of this vast clouded wave of self defeat and ultimate destruction.

The words of the destroyer are insidious, simple, pleasing, inviting, assuring, words that root into the fiber of believing stirring questioning, unfaithfulness, wrong believing that even those appointed to lead followers or learners, will embrace.  Empowerment of the individual to be glorified as gods is the road to soon disaster.  Yet I empower that you be mighty individuals who lead families and nations when you look to me with thankfulness and awe as I direct you.

I choose those who know the power they wield is of me, that I bless the sword of your battles.  I empower whom I have chosen to be the orators, the warriors, the leaders of the nation I call out of many and who commit to speak words refined in the fires of power and gilded in truth.  I empower those who sought my ways, who have entered battles head on and never wavered, following the steps of my begotten.  I empower those who strive to search my book for life, to know the power of my power.  I anoint those who follow the way of the warrior, for life on earth is in the fields of battles till the great and final one is accomplished.

I call to those who are seeking me.  I bless those who seek to bless others.  I heal those who know I hold them in my hands.  I grant a fruitful life to those who hold my precepts precious as my generations of orderly priests protected the ten commandments.

Battles arise on distant shores that will strain the armies of youth if they are sent to war without the armor of  faith.  Who will empower your armies?  Who will lead with prayer and praise?  Who will seek my answer though it might be hard to hear?  You who are the nation within, pray for those who trip and fall.  Pray for parity of truth.   God‘s Prophecy The Daily Prophet



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