Come To The Storehouse

Go into the store of redemption.  Redemption is free and you may take it.  Forgiveness is offered.  It is unencumbered for you because it has been bought with the precious blood.   Come in and ask for forgiveness for it is there, waiting to be taken and to be given away.  Be sure to give what you take.

Come, enter the storehouse of gifts.  They are for you, whole and mighty works accomplished, that you might partake of the fruit of the spirit.  They are plentiful, replenished with the partaking and multiplied with the giving.

Enter my abode, an holy place, and you will find deep peace, you will taste eternity.  You will long to sit at the feet of the one who shows you the way, to hear, to know, to drink the eternal love that melts you.  Give away all the love that you receive and you will find more and more.

Come to the steps of knowledge.  Words that built the mighty temple of my heart, they are for you.  Take my words and eat and drink.  Let them be enough yet you desire more.  Give them as coins, as gems, as an avalanche of golden nectar, that others desire more.

Reach for the mountain of wisdom, you need only ask to be lifted to the pinnacle of my many thoughts.  The pearls of wisdom are bought with your voice, your desire, that you ask you receive.   Offer that which you receive using wisdom to give wisdom.

You are my temple, holy and pure in redemption.  I come to you.  I and my begotten make our abode within with offerings of love and power and eternity that is rich and overflowing with forever.    We are in one accord, one love, one power now and forever.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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