Go. Offer Hope

Go to the cities, go to the valleys, go to all the corners of the earth where there are people who hear but do not understand.  I appoint some who find the wicked in behavior but have not a cruel heart.  Turn them back in the direction of light.  Others plant seeds where there was never any knowledge, stepping in unknown terrains even to the risk of fallout from officials who resist change and truth.  And I have chosen those who speak to the believers who have lived many lies believing them to be truth.

It is harder to change those who believe they have truth than it is to give the gifts of knowledge to one who has no conception of a creator and a savior, for those who are as babes from the womb are eager for the milk of my words.

Watch and be vigilant as you pass the bread of my works to those confused and unlearned.  A morsel may be all they could bear and if they carry that to their heart of hearts, it will be a seed, a shield, a moment of faith that will grow.  If you have planted that seed, remember, I am the one who will increase its flourishing.

Go to the lands of the forgotten, those who might seem settled in their dreams and their carriages and even their temples of glory where gold is the idol, worshipped in spending and greed.   They are they hardest of hearing for fear that truth means forfeiting their riches.   But what is the worth of worldly riches if you do not have also the riches that I offer. What fruit lays on the table of greed?

Go, all who know truth, all whose voices hold the breath of my words, whose hearts know the power of my spirit, who know the signs and miracles and wonders that follow, and be the vision of a godly life.   Be as my begotten that others will follow to hear, to know, to be led to the way of eternal life.  Offer your hand of reward, that of hope, and your reward will be the joy of life, the riches of which cannot be bought with gold.

Go.  Offer hope and allow me to reward your work.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


But as for you, be strong and courageous, for your work will be rewarded. 2chron15:7nlt


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