The Stirrings Of Inspiration

What is your inspiration?  Do you stir to create, paint, write, build, invent, make music?  Or have your desires been idle, languishing in the array of a life that drives you to relentless tasks and brought to the demands of others?

Life is filled with the complications and fears of those about you.  The vitality of your day is siphoned by the drumming aspects on your time and your energy.  Then what happens to the stirrings of inspiration when the end of day fatigue is greater than the ability to lift a hand to those things you so long to do.

Inspiration is but a moment, a seed to the full manifestation of your ideas.   You must seize the moment of inspiration that those fleeting thoughts not be lost in the whirlwind of your life.  You must also find peace in the storms and I show you the way.

Seize your day upon awakening, I am calling you from sleep.  There are precious moments of the morning, as the fleeting drops of inspiration, as the sweetness of dew, delicate and glittering in the web woven before the rising sun.    Do you hear your name as you float upon your dreamy mind?  I am calling you to rise, to hold those quiet moments dear, for they are precious and lovely then melt away.   I am calling you to hold up those moments to me, your first of the day, to pray and give thanks so that I could shower you with blessings and show you the way to see the fruit of your inspirations.

Write your thoughts in words.  Didn’t I have mine own words blazed into stone, written by many hands, that you could know my ways?   What are the ways that you will fulfill the destiny of your desires?  Find those and write your goals.  How will you hold the inspiration that seems to vanish too soon?  The forward momentum of your desire turns your ideas into motion, then form.   Look at your days.  How do you allocate the space of your day?  With a long day’s work to please others and be at their call?  If you hold frustration, the fruit of your energy is already decayed.  Work heartily as unto me for then the gate is open for me to bless all that you do each day.  My spirit working within you will be recharging you rather than draining you.

How do you spend your evening hours?  Cease the chattering of no avail.  Close the door to enmity that filters through the screens of entertainment.  A meal to celebrate the day is hearty for the soul, but be cautious of over indulging and save moments to take a step to your goal.   Steps add to steps and grow.  And I will bless your steps that your time and energy be multiplied.  Start with these steps and I will show you even greater things, I will multiply even your inspiration.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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