The Force Of Resistance

Resistance is a force that the enemy uses to wear at the foundation of truth.  You see resistance in those close, who know your life and your ways and yet there is an urging that turns them aside, not wanting to show the gratification of all you have endeavored even when it has become your life.

They know the demon of resistance, yet they allow its ugly tail to undermine your words and your actions.  They are more satisfied at another’s stumbling than gain toward a godly life.   What is the seed of resistance but a thorn in the day?  Your battles are always spiritual and only where there is even just that small space in the armor of your faith, that is where the arrow will find its way, to annoy, to dismantle, to argue, to hold you to worldly commons.

But you are a chosen not of the world.  Yet you stand with the king of kings you are humble, yet you are humble, you are wise and you are the ones who hold the great power of truth.  Allow not gilded words to sway you or pointed words to be a missal against you because you have the shield of faith that quenches all the adversary attempts to use against you.

There are many shades of resistance, some who enter know the weak points and seek to take your place, planting honeyed words that are the disguise of fomenting seeds of derision.   Resistance to truth can be shown in feigned innocence.  Resistance works in those whose true value is only for their own accomplishments and raising themselves far above their place.  They use beguiling spirits to gather whom they desire in their court of self pleasures and self perpetuation, all for self.  Be not entranced by their bewitching ways.

You have the weapons of defense.  Hold always to the faith of those things you have learned, standing sure against the jagged waves meant to unseat, unsettle and steal away the unlearned.  Press forward with a solid wall of spiritual resistance with the force I give which unseats all other.  Then will the enemy flee.   God’s Prophecy,  The Daily Prophet

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