Love Me And You Will Know Me

Did you hear me call today?  I saw your dreams and counted your breaths.  I watch for you to turn and know that I am listening, waiting for your voice to ascend.   I see your movements and know your desires.   Look to me this day, allow me to fill your senses that I be your everlasting god in heaven.  Allow the fruit of my words to nourish you that all you crave is my spirit, my love.

Love me and you will know me.   Know me and you will know my love is eternal, it opens, and expands that you cannot know its depths.  Be filled to overflowing that you love with a godly love, not of yourselves but of all that I offer, blessing with words and the silent prayers for those who hunger, thirst, and need healing.

Understand that my love draws many, as you pray in the spirit for the hearts and souls of others.  Allow your words to be motivated by love and truth, not seeking to satisfy worldly disturbances.  Sing with the spirit if even silent, a voice of thanksgiving that your joy be the joy of others, your fullness be the healing of wounded hearts and decimated lives.   Save a heart and you have saved many.

Scatter seeds of truth.  Some will flourish others are fallen away.  You will know.

I give you a voice that harmonizes and vibrates to the marrow of longing.   Those who desire your words are seeking and flutter at the sounds that ring of truth, words that stir, histories that reverberate, the gospel that sings loud, a love that opens the gates of knowledge and eternity.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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