What Rewards From Heaven?

What are the rewards you seek for being in the world?  What seeds have you planted that you expect great fruit, yet you seek for others to hold the water pails, never relinquishing the sweat of your brow for the balance of offerings to those who are feeble?  You heap not coals on the heads of even those of the same blood, instead you seek to add to the weight of their tasks that your task be to hold of a pail of feathers.

What rewards have you sought from your father in heaven who sees the tails of your flight from doing what is right in my sight?  I know what you are able to offer, that the weight be not bending the back of others, yet you close your eyes, you close your purse, you claim fantom pains that you save your own selves.

I have hoarded rewards that my heavens can longer hold, for so few have found the key to my heart, that I long to offer all that I have, which is of eternal bounds, to my children who hear, and listen and speak truth.  I will pour out my eternal blessings for those who stand for liberty of love, who shirk not the responsibilities of a life for offering joy and peace to those who whose steps are shortened, whose hands shake.

If you have turned from those whom I cherish when you had the power to stand to the precepts I have set, you will be left to wonder why I have turned from you.  I have not turned from you but you have said ‘no, give me no reward’, when you said, ‘no’ to protect your own defense, when you said, ‘no’ to a lack that might be a sacrifice to fill, and when you walked with puffed up pride that you stood fast to say, ‘no’.  You have gained those rewards of your own.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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