Listen To The Words For Life

Listen.  Be still to hear my voice, yet I speak in the turmoil and noise of life.              Listen.  Whether the air be still or reverberating with chaos, I am calling to you.        Listen.   I will show you where to stand in the light.                                                           Listen to the voice that rings with truth and turn from the voices of the world that beckon with sweets and tempting treats.

Listen to the beat of your heart not the beating of drums to the idol gods.   Listen to the words you speak from your own lips, that you know whether you choose words of life or words of death.

Listen to the words for life that I have written in my book, that you might find the treasures of life and godliness.   Listen for the words of my chosen one, who heard all the words of my book for life.   Listen and believe that you manifest as he did, all the wonder and power of my blessings, in the mantle of eternity, in the power of the words of your lips, and that others might listen, hear, believe and be saved.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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