“Come” For He Is Calling

Have you been moved by the spirit, have you stirred the power that I have given, that you do as my begotten for he showed you the way.   He has his hand held out, that you might walk on the waters though storms arise, and waves break, he will keep you sure.

Come.”  Doesn’t he call you now, to cross the stormy seas for there are many who flounder, gasping for breath that they hold your hand to safety.

Do you hear the crying hearts, lost, dazed, sinking into seas of false desire, bondage to addictions, bondage to bills that can’t be met as usury mounts and can’t be sustained?  What words of comfort have you offered, yet these are soft, they float away.  How much more strength will words of truth build believing.  Look at the words of my son, “wherefore didst thou doubt?”  Words to convict a heart with truth.  ”Come.” One word of command that even with little faith Peter still stepped off onto the unruly sea, the hand  to be held to safety reached out.

To whom have you reached out your hand, to whom have you offered one word that convicts and not hide behind many of comfort that last but a moment?

Look and be moved with compassion for those who suffer and are tossed about by every wind.  Seek and you will find those who will take your outstretched hand.  Be moved with compassion that you heal the sick and save the drowning.  Walk in the steps of my begotten for he is showing you the way to call to others.  ”Come.” for he is calling you.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick. mat14:14


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