I Hear Before You Call

I am here, I hear you call.  I keep you close in times of disturbance, in war, in storms that I form that the enemy be swept away.   I hear your heart and know before it  quickens, and I am there before you even call.

What am I?  Do you feel me, do you know me, do you hold me?  You hold me in your prayers. You know me in your praise, you feel me in your heart of of hearts.  What am I?

I am the creator of the heavens and the earth.  I always was and will always be, but what I am to you?  I am and I have made you.  I am and  I offer my soul, that which is my spirit, holy, powerful, eternal, to you, to manifest in the stormy seas, the battles, the glories of life, the beginning and end of life eternal.

I know the rocky paths, the stormy seas, the mountains before you, and I know you will step forward and I have caught your feet, you have walked upon the waters and I have kept you above the storm, you looked to the mountain top and I have lifted you on the wings of eagles.

You know what power I have given you, that you claim all glory unto me, that all will know who and what I am.  If you but stir the power in your words, your steps, your vision and your thoughts; if you but hold the words of power and thrust them forth in the seas of war, that waters be divided, that the earth be sanctified, that even the marrow be separated from the bone, I will show you greater moments, many moments, eternal moments that string together as the stars, the galaxies, the universes, linked forever and ever.

I will that you come through the name of my begotten, the way of truth and light, the path of love and power of my might.   I hear before you call, I am your refuge because you trust in me.  God‘s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


The LORD is good,

a strong refuge when trouble comes.

He is close to those who trust in him.

8But he will sweep away his enemies

in an overwhelming flood.

He will pursue his foes

into the darkness of night. Nah1:7-8nlt


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