Words For Power

Hear and know my words.  I inspire those who seek me.  Haven’t the words of my book for life been written and men were moved by the spirit, some upon and later within.  Now you have the spirit within, you have power at the tip of your tongue, power for life and power for words that destroy unto death.

What words for power have you prayed?  What words for power have you offered in praise and thanks that I pour out greater pleasures of the spirit in joy and peace?  If all words you think and say be of righteousness, your life will be abundant in power, in faith, and in the signs, miracles and wonders that will follow.

Think words of power as I would speak, be as me for I am your father in heaven.  Words of power are as my begotten speaks, filled with wonder of healing, filled with knowledge and wisdom because he trusted in me and knew his words held the power of life and death even to his own life and offering of his blood and knowing and speaking of his new body and the eternal gift.

The righteous words of power you hold and speak forth are inspired by your faith, your dedication to living the words of power.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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