Expand The Power Of Your Spiritual Mind

I will show you, I will reveal myself to you, for in your searching I open the vaults of treasures.  You seek wisdom and you shall find the gold of its heart.  Seek wisdom and with it you will grow, seek knowledge and with your increased knowing you will expand the capabilities of your spiritual mind.  Try me, for I cannot speak words that are not promises and I cannot hold promises that are not true.

I love the joy of my own seeking to be as me for I am your father creator who seeks to fill your mind.  I thrill to the comfort you find in the voice of my begotten, the strength you seek in doing those things he did, for didn’t he say “even greater things”.   Believe my words of my book for life and living in the realm of spiritual grace and power, what many might hesitate to call supernatural for it is of faith in those things you see not but believe and I am not seen yet I am for those with a spiritual mind, eyes and ears.

I speak in many voices and I show you many dreams, for each sees and hears in their particular ways.  And always I am thrilled for those moments of connection, my spirit to my spirit within  you that stirs with anticipation for my fellowship and strength and peace.

Are you yearning for my great cloak of surety?  Do you long to soar as the eagles?  Have you an inkling of the spiritual warriors who ride on my gladiator horses through centuries and galaxies, holding their swords of power that might divide even the day from the night?  Have you imagined the speed of the stars in flight?  The burst of a new sun born?  I will show you the treasures of my universe, an endless sea of bounty and eternal life.

Expand the power of your spiritual mind as my mind expands, as my universe expands and increased wisdom and knowledge will fill your pockets with many fruits of gold and gems and all I have for you to live in a wondrous, power filled, abundant eternity.  God‘s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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