The King of Kings

Who has risen?   Only one true king of kings has been born, has sacrificed for all till death.  Who has risen again that he might lead.  Who is the King of kings?  King of all, for I grant what I will and to him I have granted authority over all.

For whom will you caste your nets?  And for whom will you pledge your allegiance?  Will you bow to the greedy ones, or rise, a nation within many, servants of the one true one, the King of all the heavens and the earth?

My appointed one is calling you, “Come, all who are burdened.”  He seeks those who hear his voice, who seek the comfort of his rest, who long for the blessing of his eyes.  He has given what I asked, for he turned to me always and believed all my words, being the manifestation of my word, not choosing only the easy ways, but all ways that led to his eternal anointment.

Whom will you appoint king of your nations?  There are many nations of the earth but only one nation that rises out of all.  There are many kings but only one who is king of the one nation.  With whom will you stand when the names are called?  To whom do you bow your knee today and what about the last day when every knee shall bow?

Call for a leader who will bow to the king of kings, for he is one of those who will hear my call, who will caste the burdens of his nation to the one, who will seek and ask for my wisdom and knowledge and I will raise up these to be glorious yet they will give the glory to me for they are humble yet wise, they are weak yet strong.  These leaders are of my vine, their names written in the book of eternal life.   Seek that these become the leaders of your nations and even to your holy nation, for you are in the world but not of world.

Pray for those whom I trust just as one who is given to guide and protect the sheep.    Pray for your leaders who seek me before the sun rises and under the sun rays, and by the lights of the night sky, and I will protect them and multiply their rest and the labor of their tasks, for they seek the voice of my one, the King of my heart.  Pray they know the many truths, and do as he, casting away the evil one, honoring me the one true God, honoring every word of truth, studying and preparing, healing the sick and raising the dead as when he does to call all those to the eternal city.  Leaders, follow in the way of the King.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Mat11:28nlt
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