My Words Sing

There are many words to breath, to expel, to build.  To cleanse your thoughts that they line up with truth.  Vibrations, harmonies, harmonics, that is the fruit of meditations, the spirit in.  I call to you that my words harmonize, they sing within your bones your blood, offering health and strength.  My words vibrate with my voice, that your heart beats with my breath, that you know it is I who made you.

Breath is the gift that I gave that you would have life, and I gave you choice of your will, that you follow your desires or that you follow your heart.  I am in your heart, if you hear me.  Desires are of the world’s fulfillment or they are of the fulfillment that I offer in my breath, my spirit.  The choice always is in your hands, your lips, and the fruit that is there of.

What are the fruit of your words?   Are you building life, prosperity, love?  Do your words vibrate with truth?  Speak as I, as my begotten showed in truth in power.  Lead as you walk the path of your days, humble yet sure, knowing that your strength and power is  of me, my spirit.  Allow all you do to be from the core of the power that works in you.  It is I.  I will lead you to many waters.   Sing inside in prayer and praise. Sing outward in prayer and praise.  Set to motion the many voices of the spirit, vibrations of prayer and praise in the spirit, in motion, in glorification, in manifestation, in words that build and unite and separate, as the waters that rise and divide and unite again.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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