I Have Given You Much

What is the darkness of the heart, crying in the secret of the night?  For whom do the lost call out, when they have no thoughts of a heavenly god?  Who hears these anguished ones, lost in the trials of a worldly calm that offers no redemption, no reward of a holy spirit?

Your spiritual eyes are open that you might pray for those things you know not, of the lost, the wandering blind in the desert.   Your eyes are open and I give you much reward though you see and feel the jagged edges of a wounded heart.

Pray and pray again that the wounds heal, your voice a vibration that soothes, your words not to cut but to seal.  For I have given you much, and I offer more.  A full pouring out of my eternal love, an inextinguishable fire of power and you will cause great miracles of healing and health to the bones and souls, for I have given you much.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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