Standing With Him In Words And Power And Might

Words are the beginning.  With what words of stone have you built your house, the foundation of life?   I have given you much in instruction for righteousness and the rewards of living as I have set the foundations of the earth.  I have shown in those, my chosen of the chronologies, the rewards of honoring truth and the law.   And yet for all that I have done, so many hear the voices of perdition louder than the voices of truth.

What are the voices of truth and how do you discern what is righteous in my sight and what is the overlaying grayness that obscures truth, alters it to other meanings, causing slippery steps on a path that turns from the peak of the mountain top to the dung hills of many sins.

You must clear your vision with words that speak of creation.  Start with the beginning when I laid the foundation of a great truth, that of the power of words.  ”I said…” and the vibration of true words, words on the wings of my breath, caused the light where darkness had embraced.  What are the words you utter?  Are they words of power and love and truth?  Do they divide what is the refuse of raucous living to what is life filled with light?  What you think and say becomes the road you travel.   The vibrations of your thoughts manifested into words draw to you waves of the same strength and weight and fulfill themselves.   Have you spoken of hate or of love?  Have you built your house in the service of me, your God, who longs for your obedience to the law of love and power?

Your house is your life is my tabernacle, my holy of holies and where I long to make my abode that I might be your loving God and that you step in line to the inheritance of my begotten, standing with him in words and power and might, for I given the gift of my power that all may live abundant in the might of my power, giving honor and glory to me, that you shine as beacons in the cruel and dark world where evil lurks and seeks to be as gods, devouring the simple minded, perverting the innocent, killing the strong who have lost knowledge.

But know that you have the seed of eternity held within the tabernacle, that evil has already been conquered yet it flails its spiked tail and sends its disharmonious armies to disrupt.

Stand with the shield of your faith for you know who is your god and you know who is your warrior of warriors, the King of all, who has conquered all, to whom I have given the reigns of life and life.  To him give honor to me your words of prayer with praise and thankfulness in his name for he lived, and shed his blood and rose to my calling to be my words in manifestation.  Whom will you serve this day?   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


  • Choose for yourselves today whom you will serve…as for me and my house, we will serve the LORDJoshua(24:15).


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