I Always Was And Always Will Be

I speak through many voices, that the true words emerge into manifestation, that my children, my holy chosen, know my vision, know my words that have manifested into true and pure light, know that the power I give is for you to manifest, that the words I have spoken are to show you that your words are to be spoken with power and might and that you know the manifestation of that which you say.    I am your great and heavenly father and formed you that you would be the great tabernacle of who and what I am, that you be my holy children to whom I offer the inheritance of all that I am, love and power and might, that you would know the great hidden truths and the knowledge,  the power of your words for you have my holy spirit that is eternal in time and place and power.

I am your great and holy and exalted father in heaven and I created all the heavens and the earth that even the stars each have been born that your nights hold the great abundance of what I am.  I created all the galaxies that you would know my great and infinite power and love for you, for you to be my holy and extinguished children, that you would know the words that I have formed in breath and in the presence of my power that I laid upon the heads of the prophets and those whose breath was for me that I might commune with those who had no hearing and had not sight would hear and believe if but for a moment of great and powerful miracles.  I laid heavy laws upon the heads of my chosen tribes, that they would come to the knowledge of the truth, that sin be forgotten yet they sinned.  I wove the blood of the great sacrifice into the words of my prophets, that in latter times, great knowledge would emerge of the unbroken thread of truth till that day my begotten knew who he was from the power of the scriptures and believed who he was and why he was begotten, and chose to lay down his earthly life in torture, not of the body, but of his groanings in the spirit, for he knew that he was my begotten and that he would would fulfill the law and the last sacrifice.  Through him, you now have sight, you now have hearing, you now have an open door to heaven that I might have a true relationship with you, that of a mighty father and you my lovely children.

You speak to me in prayer and requests and now you hear me for I speak always and I long that you offer your prayer and praise, knowing you have my essence within you, my seed, for you too have been begotten in the baptism and birth of the spirit, the spirit that has risen again and returned to its rightful place, in the tabernacle of your heart and love. And I have given this great and mighty gift to you that you might be as my one, and stand with him in glory and power and might.

I give you power to speak and your words will form into great spires of truth, I give you power that you be my hands and my feet and take truth and love to all the corners of the earth.  I have given you that power that creates all that is good that you might be beacons of love and light and offer the gifts of healing whether to health of a broken bone or to the healing of broken hearts and even unto the broken nations.   I call you out, my children, my holy chosen ones, who stand with honor with my son to whom I have given great authority and under whose feet is all the worlds, that you follow his way, that he knew I was his heavenly father and did those things that I directed that even his words were first breathed by me.   I give you strength to cast demons into the endless sea of darkness and to be chained for eternal damnation.  I give you power of your breath, that your blood pulse with the oxygen of life that is of my breath, that your words be manifested, that you prosper as proper children of the one great God and stand and be heard and be strength to the weak and be an example of one who believes and show your faith in the light by the way in which you live.

Call to those things that ought to be that they become.  Strive to perfection, to knowledge, to manifesting the great power and always honoring me in all you do and say, for I am the one and true God and there are no other gods, and I always was and always will be.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


“Be therefore, Godlike, as beloved children.” Eph5:1 Peshitta

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