A Breath Of Prayer

There are times and seasons for those things that I set, for those things that I direct when you have come to me and offered your open palms.  There are hours of the day when the world sleeps that you might turn in your beds and open your hearts and know that I am calling.  Did you hear my voice, did you feel my breathing?  I stand beside you side, I await your first waking moments.

Give to me what I wait to offer to you, a breath of prayer in those quiet moments when no one else stirs, private moments that fill a longing, that calms the stirring of your soul.  Breathe my essence, it is life and it is the holy power I offer.  Didn’t I show you in the chronologies when I sent the fire of my breath to accept those sacrifices that were given with pure hearts, cleansed hearts when my chosen poured out their sins and asked for forgiveness, golden hearts that opened to accept my hand of love?   Yes, I accepted their love even in the fields of their sin as I accept yours even when you have slipped from the truth.

Now I offer this season, one of grace that you have accepted truth, yet the full truth is veiled by the mists of reason, questioning of faith, division even of hearts that stutter.  Take on the full anointment that you rise up, not scattered, not trodden, not poor, not sick, not ignorant, not weak for I abhor weakness when you have ability and strength in your loins, yet I hold you able.  And for those who rest on the strength of others yet you have strength, you have withheld your abilities from me and I can only give where there is giving, for that is the syntax of life.  And for those whose hands hold those in frailty, I give you honor and life’s abundance.

I bless as I am able though I long to bless in great stores.  Your life’s blessings rest in your palms; your work, your drive, your inquisitiveness of life’s qualities and secrets and knowledge.  I bless as you ask and receive.  I bless as you open your doors your windows to my heaven’s bounties.  I bless as you open the book of life’s words and make them the fruit and sweetness of your day.  I bless as you sing your prayers and praise in the spirit, as my chosen in the chamber first uttered the voices of praise in the many tongues.  Your breath in the spirit is life to me, is blessings to me, is the reason of my love to you for you have heard and believed.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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