Stand On Solid Earth

There are many forces that shift the earth, even the growth of tender blade of grass pushes the soil.  Heat and energy stir deep within, even connecting one shifting continent to another.  The foot falls of armies change the dynamics of the earth, whether of man or of the ants, the armies of which alter and move many lands.  All is moving and shifting, the thrust of mighty trees, the penetration of rock by softer roots, the wind that carries the flocks that carry the seeds.  Change and movement is a part of my earth.

I made you from the essence of the earth, your physical bodies that have become the tabernacle of my essence, that of power and love.  Imagine the power of love if you could but imagine even the slightest shift of a handful of soil, each grain against the other, rolling, shifting, allowing the sprouting of many seeds.

And I have given the bounty of all that my earth might produce, for food, refreshment, bounty, building, and for the delight of the eyes and the senses.  There is the music in the tumbling of the sands and pebbles along the shore, the wind through dry grasses, the song of many creatures tiny and mighty.

The earth moves and transforms and always heals from the many destructions and abuses and will offer much more if only my lands were cared for.  Take only and eventually my soils and waters will no longer give unless there is a great shift; stewardship of man or the great turning of massive plates to alter the scape from east to west.   Replenish is to give back to the soil, to allow rest in wearied fields that in all seasons you have plenty.  Your bodies too are made to work then to be restored, for they are of the earth, but days of rest have been turned to the constant drum of commerce, that hearts do not slow to restore their strength.    But I offer rest for your bodies, your hearts, the spirit that flows and rejuvenates in your bodies, my creations where I plant the seeds of my spirit to flourish within you.

Rejoice in the spirit and allow it to flourish as a seed that grows, a seed that perpetuates love and power and the birth of strength in another and another.   And I will see that increase is mighty, that replenishment is always, that growth is eternal, that change and shifting is of harmony and expansion and that always you stand on solid earth.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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