A Message To A Leader

I hold accountable those who profess their skills but allow worldly concerns to topple their accomplishments.  You must stand against the tides of those who gather to shake your foundation, for if you allow the waves to enter and infect your core, you have not held up to the precepts I have offered.   To be a leader with the infinity of Christ, you must commit your works, your steps and words and daily devotions to me.   Do not allow the voices of hate to scatter your words and reactions, for those show in many ways upon your countenance.

You have taken only tentative steps and now must make grander gestures and speak with a voice of great depth, understanding and power.  Have you taken the moments to allow me to guide your breath?  You have abandoned the richness of your time in prayer, study and praise for the cycles of your brand and your need to scurry to the next podium.

Many will offer the power and moments of their prayer for a true leader, one who will put me first and not the voices of pundits, one who will hold the value of one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all as the creed to renewed justice.  Call upon the power that I have given, one that is not of yourselves for truth and power is of me, and I will answer you.  I will guide you.  I will send my mighty angels to prepare the way that one will rise to lead a great nation to health and prosperity.

Admit this to the nations, that my nation of freedom hungers for a voice to be raised for freedom.  That all who come to drink of the fountains of living waters might find a flowing river free from debris, that all who work what is right with their hands be rewarded with the fruit of their labor.  Those whose hands are idle, holding back their strength for illicit reward, with the same will I reward you, whether in this time or the time to come.

Now is the time for repentance of worldly sins and lustful desires, that men and women who have committed to the promises of life built on the foundations that I set with my begotten, the cornerstone, must stand together united as I brought you together, and show the strength of your unions that the children know the beauty and elegance of two who work and breath as one, for this is the forecast of the bride and groom of my church, that body of those who make up the great tabernacle.

A nation will rise within the toppling nations.  Leaders will rise who hold to truth, whose words and actions are torches that burn with truth and light the way to the way.  There are some who will rise even within the burning nations where violence and fear are the ways of those despots and who follow the ways of evil critters.

You nation of free will, you have turned from truth and yet you have the safety of the mighty waters as your walls, you have great abundance in the lands that I formed and yet you give away its bounty to the greedy hands of a few.  You are a nation of many nations and yet you have forgotten your own ancestors.   Do not close your doors but open your palms to those in great desire to come and plant seeds and see the fruit of freedom to work and receive the rewards of striving.

Change the course of the greedy rivers, whether of great heads of commerce that laws are constructed for their reward, or the laws of idleness that has created a vast ghetto of unlearned in the value of labor.  Take care of the elderly for their sweat is in the soil.  Teach and train and build armies from those who come, that they too might add to the soils of abundance and know they are a part of the process and not of the problems.

A great and fearless leader is needed to lead so many great peoples from so many lands that my name not be forgotten, that truth no longer be trampled and tarred, that the laws I spoke through my begotten be upheld, the you love me and love your neighbor upon which all else is held.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



Wake up! Strengthen what little remains, for even what is left is almost dead. I find that your actions do not meet the requirements of my God. Rev3:2 niv


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