Hope Must Be Breathed To Life

My power is in your prayers and praise, your actions, the very steps you take and hammer you wield, for you are my tabernacle, my voices in the wilderness.  I call upon all who hear with their hearts, who know the blind are leading the blind, and not head the voices of those who enjoy tattling tales and throwing railing accusations.   The air waves have become the sovereignty greater than the halls of government.  Yet freedom of speech is offered to all, the balance is swayed and many hold their hands over their lips.

The balance has been toppled by the songs of sorcery, the voices of perdition, the desires of freedom having become a toxic tonic rather than a platform for examining truth.   Truth has been set aside for entertainment, for fulfilling the addictions to strife and the stirring, brimming pots of debate.  The heads no longer talk but shriek, to capture the waning attention of the masses, lulled to believing nothing can change for the good except to change through the many avenues of news till finally they hold their hands over their ears.

A complacent field of a nation is most insidious if so many throw down the rag of defeat and hide hoping the end is not near, hoping for a grain to eat, hoping for just another day.

Hope must be breathed to life.  Hope must be the guide to change, to stirring the desires to striving, to building, to accomplishing.  Cut down the cords of taxation that hinders those of entrepreneurial spirit for even the work of so many papers cuts off the growth.  Even your municipalities seek the meager wages of new endeavors.  Would you harvest the fruit of a tree before it has grown?

Open the roads to expansive thinking, that the many great minds and ideas of a great nation exceed to prosperity.  The rules of inheritance are onerous, a form of taxing that weakens families.  The open handed policy of welfare must be stopped, for it only encourages idle hands.  He who is able must work.  Take care of those who cannot care for themselves, for this is right, but there are many tangled cords to undo.

Neglect not the armies, whether to defend or to build great highways of productivity.  Those who seek a place in your nation should contribute not take.  Offer work programs geared to rewards of citizenship and education not an open hatch that your hard built prosperity be eroded, then you will attract those who hunger for knowledge and a chance at those things good for the hands and the heart of men and women, the chance to labor and enjoy the fruit of labor and the sleep of hard work.

Protect your farm lands, for they are your great asset, your way of independence from the onerous yokes of other nations.  Protect your waters, that they never be given away but held always in public domain.  Protect your resources the same way, for these too are for the good of the nation.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



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