“A Pure Man Inspires Courage”

Whose heart is pure?  Have you searched for such a man, whose heart is a pure sacrifice to me, whose first words are sourced in my own words, whose early morning whispers are in praise for another glorious day no matter where his bed lies?

Do you seek to build another’s faith on the foundation of a rock?  Seek that you purify your own heart, searching your ways and sifting through your thoughts, separating those that be of the world’s influence and those of mine.   Seek to have courage, for if your heart is pure, your courage will build.  If you set your eyes on the courage of my begotten, you will know of the power you wield when your heart is pure and your words are pure.

If you wield the sword of pure words, what have you to fear?  You will be ready in all seasons and all moments.  You will have words of courage to the fearful, you will sanctify your own thoughts and steps that they be strong and sure.  You will lead others in your actions and they will see the strength of faith, they will want your courage for their own.

Do you seek to be a leader?  You must have lived a pure life.   You must have ruled your children well.  You must be steeped in the knowledge that I offer through my many generations, studying diligently those who scaled many mountains and lead many peoples before you.   Look at their strengths and be filled with courage, but also look at their failings, where they had gone astray that you not be fooled to follow wrong roads.

Seek me that I might fill your hearts with courage for I see all hearts and I know all thoughts.  Toss aside those thoughts that discourage and unseat your rest in truth.  Be as my begotten whose every thought and word were of courage and power and truth and compassion, yet he never weakened.

Know that you will rise in your faith and strength, to be a pure man to the encouragement of others and a mighty man who would lead even mighty nations.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


“For a pure man inspires courage, and a mighty man helps others.”Job 11:12 Peshitta

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