Address Of Power

Oh man of power, he to whom I have given much,  you know that all you have has come from my grace because you have put me before all others, because you have served when I called, you rose to the station of a leader when distress called.  I saved you even before you were in your mother’s arms, for I saw ahead and knew you would commit to me in all your days.

Now, oh man who seeks a grander station, take the reigns of power for I offer them, yet the nay sayers, the swashbucklers seek to your demise.   Stand against the mud slingers who believe in their own ways for they have forsaken truth and power and serve only weakness.  Serve with strength that all rise with strength, to plow a field, to build a mighty road, to reach a hand that seeks a place to toil.

Know that I reach for you, my chosen ones, who seek to lead in service, who hold your hearts humble yet you have much in power, for your words spoken have others to say yes, to rush to handle many rounds and hours of toil and they do so with gratitude and desire, for many things must be done to raise a nation from the edge of many troubles.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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