The Journey Of Your Day

I am here this day as all the days, and I whisper in your ear.  I walk with you and command my ministering angels to clear the brush from your path.  My heart sings with your prayers and praise for you have turned and heard my voice.  I will guide you to the end of the day and the end of time of which there is no beginning and therefore the end is eternity and eternity is as far as the skies.   I hold back the mass of waters that you have the horizon, I bring the rain that your cattle feed on lush grasses, I increase your increase for you strive to be a worthy workman an industrious work woman.

When you pray for even those who oppose you, who seek to toss a fallen limb in the way of your steps, I have seen the intent of their hearts and I blind them to their folly that you not be harmed or even delayed for a day or a moment in your endeavors.  Pray for your enemies and I am able to divert those flaming accusations, lies that cannot make their mark for I protect you in all of your work and trials.

When you pray in the spirit you strengthen the power that I give, that is eternal, that has no end.  When you give your thanks in the spirit, you have shown your great faith for those words have wings and fly over many waters.   When your faith is sure and purity rules your heart, the flow of power builds and mounts and overflows that the power of my love even covers the dim hearted who would be against you but cannot and those who would rise up to cower you are taken away or diminished before you have even seen their head.

Stay with me on the journey of your day as you reach for wisdom and knowledge and the secrets of my universe, for I delight in giving you great stores of brilliant gems and refined vats of gold and all that pleases the eye and the heart, for those who ask for such as I have to give will be rewarded much.

Search the scriptures every day that I show you the veins of gold hidden in the leaves, the glittering facets that built the foundation of truth and the liquid ruby of blood that nourished the soil that all who know should have the richness of eternal life.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


He created the horizon when he separated the waters; he set the boundary between day and night job26:10nlt


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