Time And Life

I wait for the others to come to the gate of my heart, yet they don’t hear me, they hear only the call of the sirens, the beckoning of unrighteous thinking, the noise of much talking about careless things.    There are moments in time when I tie all strings of events and time for a perfect cause, yet I need my chosen to stand ready and be my lips and my hands.  I need those who will rise to the words that I have called as my prophets have heard and have written in my book of time and life.

Time and life are to be understood in the light of the spiritual levels that eyes might not see but will perceive, for even this I give, that you have spiritual sight and hearing and feeling to know what those subtle differences are in right and wrong, and yet subtle they expound to greater, whether right or wrong.   This is a law of my universe, that all expands.

The grand gestures that appear glossy are that and no more.  Worldly, unholy, unhealthy even to the bones, for they covert the inner meanings of those words, that as a vapor of cloud holds great buckets of water, they are scarce yet hold throngs of truth.

What truth do you find in the drop of water?  What secrets are held there as it falls, its surface obliging the air, the leaf upon which it touches, the ground upon which it seeps?  To what do you attribute the strength of a drop of water, that many become such mighty and roaring seas and how do you know the strength of a word, where it falls, where it seeps?  To what other sounds does one word adhere that truths build and expand, taking their place in the air as water takes its place in the sand?    Don’t allow your words to become a vacuum that devours time and life.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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