A Call To The Battle Lines

This is a call to the battle lines for nations rise up against truth and leaders have come to believe in their own lies and sovereignty and have tossed aside the ways of godliness that they become gods of their own.  What power to they wield except to harvest fear amongst those they attempt to rule?  But have they captured the heart of the people the true symbol of a righteous leader?

The battles are many and the rewards are few, for liberation’s armies arouse, yet they know not that I only could clear the fields of their many battles and cut asunder their enemy.  Yet I look to the purity of their hearts and I am swayed to point my finger to their cause, that freedom might offer the way to eternal life, that my chosen might have the opportunity to offer words of power and love and a better way to the core of truth.

I would that all came to the power of the truth, that my begotten is the king of kings.  I would that all who desire the office of leader look to him and know that a leader is one who serves.  But there are those who will follow the glitter of the crown, the anointment of a worldly power and they know not what calamities they forge ahead.

A wind blows.  It carries the words of diversion, attempting to sway those who know truth to accept the ways of the fallen one.  They are ways of dividing the mind from the heart, they are means of gain but in secret alleys, they are the image of shadows that form to truth but alter and shade meanings till the shadow is the form of reality.

I am calling all who believe with their heart and mind.  The king of kings awaits, my heaven’s leagues await, for the gathering of my cherished ones to the fields, to stand, to wield truth as your sword, to claim the ground upon which you stand in the name of my chosen king.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet.



The kings of the earth prepare for battle; the rulers plot together

against the LORD and against his anointed one. psalm2:2nlt


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