I Knew You Heard My Voice

I love you, my children my chosen, more than you can know.   My love for you expands beyond the ends of a universe that has no beginning and no end.  My love morphs to power that knows no end.  My words exceed even the stars and the every grain that built the earth, for I did this for you.  And yet even those who sit in darkness devoid of love, sit on the earth that I have formed, and the sun shines on all who rise from their beds to face the day.

What lies in wait for the day you know not, but I see all things, I know all things that can ever be known and will ever be known and I know the direction of a heart, the song of its beating, the pulse of the blood that courses through your veins.  What is the course of the day you ask in your morning devoted to prayer, study and praise?

I honor those who honor me, for honor is as giving.  Honor multiplies and I seek to expound the richness of your day in joy of the day, in accomplishment in your learning, in prosperity in your striving.   My love and the power of my love is the pulse of your day, that you step out into the world and touch even those you know not, for you know the power of spiritual prayer that exceeds your understanding yet you understand there is power.   Many need much prayer and will feel a shift in their soul.  As each drop of water forms the seas, so does each word uttered of prayer fill the void of darkness, in a heart, a pond, an ocean, and even to the vastness of stores beyond the heavens.

You see, we are synchronized in prayer and power and love and honor, through your faith and vision that you know I am with you, that you know the heart of my begotten, for he laid down his life for you and he sits on my right hand and shows you the way.  Know that there are words in my book for life that were uttered and written just for you, as my son knew those written for him.  Find those words and you will find your life’s glory.

English: Heart and Earth

English: Heart and Earth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Find truth for your heart that you stay in step with me, for I am your heavenly father and I waited for eternity till your heart’s first beat and always I cherish that moment I gave you your first breath of life and I knew you heard my voice.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice;

in the morning I lay my requests before you

and wait in expectation. psalm5:3niv


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