The Effects Of Evil

All must choose the road to take, to each man and woman I give the gift of life and breath to choose life or to choose death.  Would you point the way to evil for those you cherish when you know that is the way to destruction?   Why then walk in the ways and means of evil when it is in your power to change your course, your life.

I give you discernment of evil that you know what lurks in the hearts of men.   If your eye does not see, your heart tells you, if your heart does not tell you, their choice of byways tells you, the fruit of their life tells you.  Stand not in the way of evil for they seek to keep you from peace, their ways subtle, bribing in their actions, they pull you into their secret lives, they give you false honor, they nod with understanding and smile with excitement but for only their own means and care not for you as they portray.

To whom do you submit, he who stirs trouble, he who takes the highest seat without notice, he who keeps you in bondage to his wiles and ways?  If you seek a higher office, a greater reward for your work, knowledge of wonderful things, then follow after those who have gained great reward and honor, who have learned of righteous things and keep them in their heart, who continue to learn and strive and you see their rightful reward.

Walk with those who live lives abhorring even the shade of evil, whose lives are blameless, whose choices are righteous, whose tongues never lie.   Then will the counsel you desire and the rewards of friendship you seek be of strength.  Would a friend who is like a brother cause division?  A true friend will lay down his life for you.  A friend of an honest heart does not act in order to hold your gratitude as ransom.   Who is a true friend, a true brother?  Those whose hearts are for me, those who submit to the words of truth.

Sit not with those who seek to mock, for they take you in and soon your tongue too calls to imperfections of those who pass by.   Are you perfect?  Are those you choose to sit with perfect?  A mocking tongue causes bitterness, it fills your innards with vile contempt, mocking turns to hatred.    Find a place where there are those whose words are like honey, who live joyful lives, who seek to heal, who seek not their own rewards, who love without cause or cost and you will find peace and health.

The words of the wicked whether sweet or course, are seeds of illness and disquietude.   What has your life manifested?  Change your course, find the path of truth and I will keep you from the effects of evil thinking.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


All the works of Lord Jehovah are for those that submit to him, and the evil are kept for the day of evil. prov16:4Aramaic

Blessed is the man that walks not in the way of the evil and does not stand in the counsel of sinners and does not sit on the seat of mockers. psalm1:1Aramaic


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