The Glory Of My Heart

The land is mine, I formed the land.  I am of spirit that in days and times to come, my saints will see and hear with spiritual eyes and ears and they will know of many things.  They will know the secrets of my universe, the life of life that will be forever for my saints are my delight, they are the glory of my heart.

Take the words of my book for life, take them as the manna in the desert, for they are life, and power.  They are the history of my heart, of my chosen, who lived that you might know of good and evil.  My chosen fell and rose again till the day of the resurrection, that those who chose the way would know of life ever after.

For those who go to other gods, they have severed the cord of the one true god, the cord of spiritual nourishment as no other, even that of babe in its mother’s womb.  They release the way of power that I give to those who seek me early, who call to claim my kingdom, who stand with my holy begotten who leads the way to life and life.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

As for the saints who are in the land,

they are the glorious ones in whom is all my delight.b

The sorrows of those will increase

who run after other gods. psalm16:3-4niv

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