Words Are As A Net Cast To The Sea

Breathe.  Pray.  Glory in the cast of love, the fulness of the one who has cast the net to draw near those who call upon the lord.   I am  a god of all, I have kept you from the deep and dark places, I have guided your steps that climb the path of life to be at my right hand as my begotten sits at my right hand.    I honor your words of truth for if I did not, what would be the value of truth, and I speak truth always and there is no other way.  What is the power and cast of your words?

Your words are as a net cast to the sea and gathered up again.   What fills your net?  Have you brought in a great bounty that many may sit at your table?  What are the rewards to breathe and pray and speak with holy words?  To cast a net of truth you will capture many hearts.  To cast a net of bitterness, your supper will be bitter, your sleep not sweet.

Crooked words, words of doubt, words of trouble, words that score another, all tear the fibers of your net.  What then will you gather?  What will be the abundance of your day?

Consider this; cast love unannounced,  fill the seas of life about you with words of might, praying for many with power in your breath, then will you have many wonderful moments each day, and moments make a day and make an eternity.

Speak wonderful words with every thought captive to truth and the way to life.   Give of the words of truth and light and you have given the power of my heart, the strength of my love that is not of yourselves but of what I pour out to those who have cast their nets as my begotten showed you the way, and I will fill you with joy and you will taste of my eternal pleasures.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. psalm16:11niv


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