To Enter A Room With Power

Care not for those who claim their own glory, for they have their reward.  Care not for those who speak loudly of their accomplishments, who work to cause anxiety that others are drawn to their calamities of their own making.  They have the rewards of all their actions.   Those who rise to publicize the giving out of their wealth, who seek the applause of men, they have already received their reward.

I see the intent of the heart, where actions are motivated.  I know when the hand extends with a secret gift, I know when only love is attached to a gift whether seen or not.  I give to you freely, whether in secret or in they eyes of others.  I would that all see the blessings of a joyful spirit, of one of my glorious ones who shine, to the extent they crave the same fruit and an endless desire for the waters of life.

Offer freely what I have given you, for then you have opened the gates of blessings of such that many barns could not contain even a grain.  Open the flood gate of your hearts, that my love and the power of my love will fill you to overflowing, that others will wonder at the effect you have to walk in their way, to enter a room with power, to greet others with love that emanates to their members and even to the hardened places.

Power of love will change the course of many dark days, it saves the lost sheep, it draws many to the hope, it takes others out of the fray of evil stirrings, it heals hearts and bodies, it offers a better way, for you too sit at my right hand, holding the hand of my begotten who walked on water before you.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



O Lord, by your hand save me from such men,

from men of this world whose reward is in this life. psalm17:14niv


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