Call To Me, Come To Me, Give To Me

Release the stagnating issues that are brought to your step by unfruitful ones, those whose cores are dark.  They stir with anxiety and corrupt thinking.  They prey on innocent and silly ones who pant for their attention with giggling and squatting at invisible commands.   They have but a moment.

Your prayers and praise I hear and I release those angels who will guard and fight the unseen battles.  I set means and ways to change the path of unrighteous ones who come as lambs yet within they have sharpened fangs.   They will have their reward for injustice, for the harbor of lying spirits, for the abuse of their wicked wills disguised as care and concern.

Be at attention that your words, if spoken, are sure and true.  Be as a dove but ready as a warrior, in so being your softness beckons, a harbor for the lost and needy yet your sword is ready your stance in perfect balance.

Keep your thoughts in line with my words, knowing there are battles to come yet I have already cleared the way, for you have called upon my strength and I have shown you my hand.  I have put victory in your hand, that dark spirits cannot hide, that they flee at your glance, your word, your command, for you have come to me for your strength, you have hidden my words in your heart as great treasure, you have asked for wisdom and knowledge, you have followed the way of my one, a warrior of warriors, king of all.

Call to me all who know there is truth and I will show you even greater truths.  Come to me all for my son beckons across the waters, that you will step out on the waters of your faith and know he has taken your hand.  Come to me all who need comfort, healing, strength, and mighty power, that you might claim the inheritance of power and life with he who stepped just before you.   Give to me your prayers, offer me your praise and I have already saved you from your enemies.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


I call to the Lord, who is worthy of praise,

and I am saved from my enemies. psalm18:3niv


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