Great Blessings Of Life And Eternal Favor

What is it that offers the greatest joy but to see my precious ones look to the skies and know just the the tip of my finger created the stars and placed them in order.  They speak volumes of many things seen and not, those that have passed and other events yet to be, yet always, even you might change the course of rushing days that lead either to glory or destruction.

My stars are more numerous than the sands you can never number of only what you hold in the cup of two palms, yet I know the number of all.  My skies tell you of the abundance that I have created for my chosen ones, such as the seas hold much fruit and the soil many seeds.

The vast array of my creatures and critters, those that crawl and others that fly, is but a glimpse of the spiritual array of bounty in my eternal universe, full and brimming with fruit of the spirit that I want it to spill over in a great rush of blessings, never ending, always replenishing, that the grain of spirit, which is as bountiful as every seed,  be fruitful over and over.  You see, even one seed has eternal life.  It blossoms to another seed, and blossoms again and again.  The trees you see have the life that began when I parted the waters from the waters and called to the great expanse to hold the many stars and galaxies, then did I part the waters on the earth that there be dry land to hold the many seeds I planted.

You too have life and life, from this earthly life to a spiritual body that always is and always will be, for you are my chosen, my precious seeds.   You have taken the seed of life, that of my being, holy spirit, a great and force filled power; you have taken the oath of faith, that of the faith of my begotten, and you have fulfilled my desire to have sons and daughters who look to me always, who hold their hearts open to truth and desire to walk the straight and narrow way to great blessings of life and eternal favor.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


The heavens declare the glory of God;

the skies proclaim the work of his hands. psalm19:1niv


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