You Proclaim His Righteousness

I have spoken through the many generations, that my words be remembered, that you would seen the vein of events, the foretelling of my begotten who learned these words that even in his most strident hour, his voice spoke the words of time and truth, that till the moment of life’s transformation he believed.

You, my precious ones too, are spoken of in the book of many words, those yet to be too are written there, that many generations read aloud and hear and know of all that was and is to come in life and the force of life and life everlasting.

You proclaim his righteousness in the fashion of your faith.  You stand on the cornerstone of truth and proclaim his faith, taking that which he showed into your heart, knowing you are of my book for life and your name inscribed in the book of life, that you might walk through the gates of the holy of holies.

You proclaim his righteousness in the words that speak of faith and power, in wielding the sword of truth that cuts to the dividing asunder of bone and marrow, of light and shadows, of wicked places in the heart that others might be convicted by the walk of your life.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


They will proclaim his righteousness

to a people yet unborn—

for he has done it. psalm 22:31niv


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