I Know Where Every Thought Is Blameless

Whether any man knows your life, that you have lived blameless, they can see the fruit of your life.  Do you walk with confidence, do you fill the halls with joy?  But the voice of joy to some is as the crying of the anvil, piercing to the place that resonates only with morose notes.  They do not see your life and are blind to light.  But love without condition needs not be seen or heard.  If there is even one atom of truth that hides in a heart of blame, unconditional love that is of me, the power that is in one true word of prayer, will aim to that place.

You see the hardened hearts, the darkened eyes that turn away.  With spiritual eyes you know the place inside that hides.  Better to know a man who hides his goodness and appears to be lion, than to know a man who feigns to be a lamb, hiding the heart of a ravenous wolf.   With spiritual eyes you see the truth of what lurks behind the eyes, what cannot hide.

I have given you spiritual eyes that you would see and know whether to pray in the spirit or to divide and conquer, for you claim every place in the name of the son.   You have placed your conquests in my hands, knowing the lurking one must flee, as my begotten called to the fallen ones to be cast to the sea.

What have you to fear?  There is nothing I don’t see, whether of fault or mishap.  I look at intentions and every stroke of the heart.  I know faith unwavering,  I know where every thought is blameless.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



Vindicate me, O Lord,

for I have led a blameless life;

I have trusted in the Lord

without wavering. psalm26:1niv


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