A Rightful Leader

Simple idols, even those of flesh and blood, who have been raised above the name of the Lord in the hopes and dreams of a flailing nation, will of the weight of hope falter for how could man be as a god?  Has a leader taken the rewards of worship as a rightful attainment, seeing himself as greater than those who serve him his meat?

A rightful leader will shun the mantle of an idol.  A true leader is servant of all.  A great leader lives in the path of truth.   To whom do you cast your support?  One whose words are vacant as the vacant stance in the eyes, or one whose words ring of truth in your heart?  Do you worship the one who clings to the glory of power or the one who honors the edict of serving many?

There are those who serve the beast, stoking the fires of perdition, who claim false glory in the halls of media and alter notices, shift words, play on images that glorify the lie and diminish the truth.  This is the filter of the world, the conditioning of many till truth is held as lie and lies are upheld as glorious truths.   But I see the intents, of those who have been anointed by the god of world, who show their idolization in their eyes and countenance, that others, simple minded would so emulate.  Turn from such notions and show others the true way, to turn to the light, to the truth, to help those who seek to serve in a great way with support in prayer and I will see and hear the desire for truth in leadership and honor those requests.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


You have hated those who observe empty worship, and I have hoped in you, Lord Jehovah psalm31:6aramaic


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