What Will Heal A Nation?

What is the nation of song?  It is one where I fill the storehouses, where I reside at every doorstep, where I see the fruit of choice in righteous lives, striving hands, and my children sharing the bounty of their tables.   What will heal a nation whose directions have been thwarted, hampered by sins and greed for power?  Healing begins in the desire to purge the disease and claim the victory.  But there are means and ways before victory is in your hands though I say, ‘victory is yours’.

You must hold your words together, you must raise your voices to be heard, you must stand against the crooked tides of media and call to the casting out of liars and rabble-rousers who have ganged the screech of their voices together.   Pray and claim a victory that leaders of quality continue to stand for truth.  Pray that such are filled with righteous power, that all of a nation that seeks to be one nation under God, are filled with power to rise together.

I will bless that nation who seeks for me to be their God. I will bless that nation where my chosen read and live my words for life.  I will bless those leaders who read and live my words for life, for I created the land upon which you build and this is what I ask.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,

the people he chose for his inheritance. psalm33:12niv

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