The Radiance Of Your Presence

I am here.  I am always seeking a way to the inner heart where I see all, even those thoughts and arenas of emotion that you see not in yourselves.   So much is harbored, shut off from the light that brings healing, for most fear their fears.  What you allow to be opened to me is not seen by men, but they will see the countenance of joy, the radiance of one whose heart is in my keeping.

Look to me always, in the morning, in the day, and when you rest at the night, and I calm the seas of anguish, I heal the wounds of separations, I breath a balm of peace that your days be not interrupted and your sleep is deep.   Look to me in all of your ways, whether to choose a friend, to help one in need, to lay a hand in healing, and I will guide and protect that a foe does not appear sweet, that a hand reaching out is not stealing, that your hands hold my power of healings.

Go into the world with the face of calm, certainty and peace.   Be restored at any moment you seek my face, before a storm, before entering the halls of commerce or medicine or any other place your day takes you, claiming everyplace you enter in the name of my holy begotten.

You will walk with the stride of conquerer because you know even death has already be conquered, you will speak with the authority of a king, because you have been given the spirit of the signet ring,  your words will build spires of truths that cannot be denied, and the radiance of your presence will cause all spirits not for me to flee.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


Those who look to him are radiant;

their faces are never covered with shame psalm 34:5niv


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