Take Thought Of The Laws Of The Universe

There are few who have taken my words and made them real.  Yet I breathed a word and the earth was formed, another parted the waters and a great expanse was revealed, a place for my stars and many galaxies.  And yet even those who read and know these words of creation and histories, they do not see the power of words, that words build to wars or words build to peace.

Take those words that were breathed and spoken by my begotten for now is the time for those who do believe, who confess their believing but have not taken those assertive steps, to call to greater acts to encompass their strides.

Watch those words that issue from your mouths, speaking guile has no place in a men and women of strength and righteous hearts.  Take this day to breath life into your endeavors, that your harvest be plenty, commanding the fruit of your labor to exceed.  Take thought of the laws of the universe, motion, momentum, gravity, projection.  Your words and your actions follow these same laws.

Speak of the justice in a great nation, pray for your leaders, uphold truth with a soft answer that others may not have a force to resist but be drawn to my favor and my way.  Other moments call for candor, a fierce approach, a quick strike at the lies that they be separated from the truth.   Be instant in season and out of season by your searching the words that I have given, by studying those who walked before you, by leaning to the bosom of my begotten who is showing you the way to truth, power and life.

Stir the spirit within with diligent prayer, words uttered of the spirit that go beyond your understanding in those ways that are not yet revealed, but you know in the evidence of the signs, miracles and wonders that follow.  Seek to stir joy filled days even in your labor and striving, fill your tables that other know the fulness of your faith.  Lead others with strength and encouragement.  And always you will know the way.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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