The Value Of Righteous Power

How far reaching are my armies, my angels of glory who stand ready for battle.  They are the spirits of my own being, my guards, my ministers, my warriors who engage in the battles not seen, yet you, my children, my nation, reap the benefits.  Do you know of what I speak when I tell you of those whose voices ring in purity?    Did you know that my begotten has authority to call upon those spirits as he has the authority to cast away those who are fallen.

Seek the words of my son who spoke every word with surety, knowing who he was from the prophecies written afore time.   Know who you are for you too are in the book of instructions and histories and prophecies, you who know you have have been separated, you who live in the world but know you are not of the world, yet the earth and all its abundance I created for you.

The spirit you have been baptized with works in all who believe, yet each has a place and purpose for my means.  And in each of you sits the power that my son magnified, and told you that you too would do those things and much more.  But each of you have the choice to motivate or stagnate.  Your prayers, your praise are wonderful, your manifestation of that spirit that is of me, is glorious.   What are the words you must stir and pronounce that great things, huge and minute and all in between be accomplished, for you are my eyes, my hands, my feet and my voice.

Speak that which is right, cast away those that harbor ill fated thoughts for they have allowed their bodies to be vessels of evil, for to some such manifestations accomplish pleasure, power and recourse.  But for you who hold goodness dear, and know the value of righteous power, I will send my warrior angels who will clear the road, the sky, that you rise above all who be thrown down.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


See how the evildoers lie fallen—

thrown down, not able to rise! psalm36:12niv


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