Health Is In The Power Of The Spirit

Health is in the power of the spirit.  Time for prayer, reflection, thankfulness, study of those words that give life, all is motivation of the spirit.  Yes I would have you to strive, but with inspiration, the stirring of the spirit, that you do good things that give you the bounty of your tables.  But if your toil is not punctuated with the sharing of a meal, conversation, laughing, what is the fruit of your work day?  If you end not the day with friendship, whether of family, a spouse, those who also manifest the the power of the holy spirit, what has the day been for but vanity.

A long and fruit filled life is a blessing and manifestation of holy spirit.  Healing is a manifestation of spirit, and there is physical healing and there is spiritual healing.  The joy of gatherings, not for the vanity of display, but for the enjoyment of celebrating the day, sharing a meal, sharing of thankfulness, sharing of laughter, is as sipping the finest nectar or wine.   The full sharing of such gatherings heals in many small ways that you don’t even know, yet you know you continue to crave the stimulation of gatherings.

I and my begotten share those many moments with you, for where ever you gather, we make our abode, for where you share your meals, you show the covenant of the spirit.  Live joyfully and healthy seeking the company of those whose hearts are pure and who seek to offer the gifts of joy in true friendship, not the appearance of a brother who seeks only his own reward, but in the gathering of those who share, of the body, of their table.

Bow not to the improper, the sinful, the greedy, the needy who can but don’t.  Bow not to the those who pamper you with false words and have their hands in your purse.  Bow not to any man, for none is greater than another and doing so you offer your life’s force,  Instead, look to the one who laid down his body for you.  Accept the transformation of death into life.  Know of the spirit that raised him from death unto eternal life, that you too hold that spirit.

Know that it is the power of the holy spirit that brings gifts to the soul and health to your bones.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



Man is a mere phantom as he goes to and fro:

He bustles about, but only in vain;

he heaps up wealth, not knowing who will get it. psalm39:6


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