Your Singing Voices Will Rise

Hear the angels, their voices fill the sky, the sea.  They sing the chorals of my words, for my voice is in the thunder, in the great waves and motion of galaxies that fly through the heavens.  My vision is beyond the edge of eternal space, and there too my voice fills the void and I create wonderous formations and places and the choir of my sea of galaxies sing and glorify all creation.

Hear the spirit calling.  It is I who whispers in your ear, who touches you when you slumber, who blows and the breath of life inspires you, for you heard my voice when I said rise.  You raise your voice in prayer because you hear the spirit, the breath of my spirit, the rise of my spirit, and you manifest in praise of the spirit with a song.

Even through the many colors of air and the water buckets of the sky, your singing voices will rise, as your new bodies will rise on that great day that you meet my lamb in the sky and join with my angels to sing of the great and glorious ways I have opened the portals of heaven and even today your hearts ring with praise, for you know I stand with you and guide you and have created all for you.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



He put a new song in my mouth,

a hymn of praise to our God. psalm40:3


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