The Fires Of Power

There are fires of offerings that are detestable to me, those whose god is of the world’s, who linger in ash and the crevices of cinder.  There are those who speak to the winds and the rain and believe in their souls that they direct it all for their power, to destroy, to kill.

There are those who speak enchantments, who call to the spires of darkness, that their words plant the seeds of division and illness and misfortune.  They believe in the fall of the cards and the lying voices that speak of the stars.  They profess knowledge of the air, its cycles and turnings, that they might mount upon a storm to be transported to other lives.  Their members wrap about those who know not that their words are enchantments, to lull the whisper of the spirit that warns, that ears not hear and eyes not see the true spirit of darkness they hold dear.  They twirl in giddiness and joy, taking pleasure in their ways, spinning always their words and affections.  They question and probe for secrets, seeking those things they slip into their purses to use for another day.

Great prayer and vigilance to call out the spirits might save the lonely, the lost, the ones who have been glued to the trap, that they might tear free of the grip of the soul casters.  Wash your hands of the wicked ones.  Speak not their names for there are whisperers in the air who carry your words as wood for their fires.   Stand strong against claims of insanity and lost moments, stand strong against the sudden change of weather and tides, for they believe in their power to cause the winds to destroy, and that their words call to the sun to shine, so too do they use their affections, stirring anger and indignities, then calming their own souls to soothing and honeyed chatter, entrapping and turning the tides.

Pray and speak my words of power aloud, that the whisperers know who is your God, for they fear, and they fear the true words of power.   Claim your power in the name of my son, for no other sacrifice was pure.  Know that the voices of my chosen are the true songs of reason, that your voices turn the winds and the tides for you call peace and not destruction.  Stir the fires of the power you hold dear, for it is of me, the one true God, for my words created the moon and the stars and the earth and all of the heavens.  Cast away all that no thing that is unclean remain in your hands.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



“You must burn their idols in fire, and you must not covet the silver or gold that covers them. You must not take it or it will become a trap to you, for it is detestable to the LORD your God. Deut7:21nlt


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