Who Are My Righteous Warriors?

Who are mine?  Those to whom I desire to give my blessings.  For what is beauty beyond the flesh?  The countenance of one who reflects what I offer.  Who are those whose speech is of victory, whose prayers are words of power, whose praise is as song?  Those who speak with the courtesy of a King of kings, whose words resound with the thunder of many voices, seasoned, swift, sure.   Who are my righteous warriors?  Those who gird themselves with the breast plate of righteousness, who wield the sword and ride on the wings of eagles.  Who will soar that their march never fail?  Those appointed for they walk in the path of truth.

Though enemies abound and seek where to attack, your words are powerful for your utterance is of the book for life.  The spirit you have taken in word and deliverance, it monitors your words, inspiring those that lift, build, and counter any foe.  It opens your spiritual eyes to know the demons that lurk, seeking the rewards of envy and strife and stealing time and energy and resources.   From such rebuke their ways, dividing even your own thoughts from those who harbor thoughts of illicit gains, standing certain that I will reward your strength.

There is none more beautiful than those who answer when I call, whose lips hold those gracious and powerful words I give, that your life will follow what you call, that storms will heed what you command, that enemies flee at your presence for you stand for me and you walk in the way of my son.  Who can be against you when my son and I for you, for none can stand up to the ways of the righteous.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

Thine is more than mortal beauty, thy lips overflow with gracious utterance; the blessings God has granted thee can never fail. Gird on thy sword at thy side, great warrior, gird thyself with all thy majesty and all thy beauty; ride on triumphant, in the name of faithfulness and justice. Dread counsel thy own might shall give thee;  psalm44:3-5 Knox

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