Where My Children Dwell


Where my children dwell, there is my city, my kingdom, for those who believe will rejoice in this day and the eternal time to come.  Those who claim my kingdom on earth, are those who follow in the words and steps of my son, he who claimed that which he knew in the prophecies of his walk in the histories from generations before.

None shall own you but he whom you choose as Lord.  Have you chosen the righteous one, have you walked in the glorious way of life and the promise of eternity, yes, for it is already yours to hold.

A day is coming that will alter the sights and all lives will be examined.  The harvest of the wheat is near and those who profess their acts to be right, but hide their sins as acts of charity and goodness, will be revealed.

I am the God of all and I have appointed my one, my only begotten, to stand over the whole of the earth for the earth is mine, and I have blessed all that is there for those who chose the way, in the soil, the mountains, the seas, the skies.

I give of what is my essence, the power of spirit, that you might manifest its power for me, to be my hands, my feet, my lips, to call to the spirits that harbor incest and perversions and cast them to eternal chains.  I give of my power that you heal the broken nations, and mend many fences.  I give of my power that the righteous rise to lead for there are many who have fallen under the spells of evil.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


Here, in this city of the Lord of hosts, the city of our own God, we have proved the tale long since told us, that God upholds her for all eternity; 10 sheltered in thy temple, we give thanks for our deliverance.  psalm47:9-10 Knox Bible

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