Walking On The Waters Of Faith

In this age, I no longer accept those sacrifices of the worldly offerings, rams and bullocks and other creatures that I created and gave to my chosen for prosperity and meat, that their tithes were of my abundance.

Now I give of my spirit, that which was given away and then redeemed in the full harvest, the time of my begotten, born of one who knew no man before she conceived when I sent my holy spirit upon her, for she had no doubt and knew of what my messenger offered, and he, who was born pure, also knew of his heavenly father, and accepted the face of sacrifice, shedding his blood for the redemption of all who would follow in his ways.

Now I offer abundance of my earth, for your meat and for your prosperity, and I give, freely, of my spirit, to those who believe, that you might offer your perfect sacrifice, that of your praise in the spirit, uttering those magnificent things that surpass your understanding, yet you step out, walking on the waters of faith, opening your mouths and speaking the wonderful works that I have wrought and those things your redeemer accomplished.  For great and majestic are my heavens and earth that I called to be in the waters and in the light, fields of abundance, and too, I have given eternal life.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

He honours me truly, who offers me a sacrifice of praise; live aright, and you shall see the saving power of God. psalm 49:23 Knox Bible

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