Always I Find You

I always provide a way, that is for my children who seek a way.  I always stand against the enemy for my children who accept me know that I give the strength, the words, and the tools to defend truth.   The flight from truth has quickened for the unbelieving who believe in their own versions of truth, manipulated in their minds to fit snug to their aim, a gratification of self desires that are most often not aligned with righteousness.   The numbers of those who propose their own purposes have grown, for selfish desires are held in great regard, even if for the reward of boasting, a puffing out of the chest.

I always give you spiritual eyes, that you might know who speaks lies and who lives truth.  You will know them by the contention and division and disharmony they stir, though they speak as whispering lambs, they are ravening wolves, seeking their own rewards.  They glare with envy when you have captured their victims’ hearts, their time, their energy, if even for a moment in time, for those who are not for me, will seek to steal away those of confused and innocent hearts, molding their thoughts to match their own, to be proud of selfish behaviors disguised as accomplishments and brotherly love, that they might pat each other on the back with smiles and false reward.

So little do they consider how the earth and all the universe was created, though they seek for truth.  But they are only interested in truth that suits their greedy needs and their their needy greed.  They heap empty words, disguised as care and concern.  Their fondest reward is to gaze upon their own image, never seeing what I do inside.  Emptiness.  A place they seek to fill with exaggerated and false gaiety, and gatherings of other false uttering souls.  A vast dark emptiness will be their virtual reward, the fruit of reckless hearts.

But always I find you who seek for truth and who search for me.    God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

There is no God above us, is the fond thought of reckless hearts. Warped natures everywhere and hateful lives, there is not an innocent man among them. God looks down from heaven at the race of men, to find one soul that reflects, and goes in search of him; psalm52:1-3Knox

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