Mine Is Yours Forever

I hear the calls of victory from those who bow to the indulgent god who lures with prizes of worldly gain and filth laden nourishment.  But I turn my ear, my eyes from such a display of anointment, for these have gained glory that falls to dust on the low places where they will drag upon their bellies.

From such have no companionship, my children, my faith fed, for you are the heirs of the most high god, the creator of the heavens and the earth, and all the galaxies move in synchronization for you with the music of the many angels whose voices are for my glory.  Even the multitudes of spinning orbs hold back the abundant waters within which I stretched the expanse of heaven for you.

Your calls of victory are not for your own craving of self serving, but you call to me your thankfulness and your praise, music for my heart, for you are deserving children and I will cause your enemies to falter, for that is the way of my universe, that those who harbor resentment, envy and strife will fall victim to their own devices.

Hold back the words that seek to stir the spirits waiting for permission to enter and destroy your peaceful arena, but use words as your strength, to keep the wall of protection in perfect peace, and wholly secure, using words that I offer whether from my book or from the spirit of holy peace and power that stirs within you.

You have authority through the voice of my begotten, to whom I have given power over the earth and the stars, that you too may cast away the evil doers, that even in your presence they quiver and flee.   Hold fast to the words of my book for life, for they were written for you.   In them you will find those words that foretell of what has come to be and what will be, and you are in those words that speak of future generations and in those words spoken by my son.  It is to you he spoke, knowing that you would follow and knowing that you would be fellow heirs who would find strength in his life, and find the full manifestation of the power that came when his life crossed from death into eternal life, that all who follow, too, have eternal life.

Ask in his name and it is already yours, for I arranged even the sands upon the shores, knowing their number, that you would know abundance in life is what I decreed for my children.  Ask in numbers what you desire, for it is already counted.  Ask for the wisdom of many and you will have many answers.  Ask and believe, for you have taken the oath of faith when you rejoiced in the ascension of my only begotten.  Mine is yours forever.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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